Basic Capital To Become A Tour Guide


Some of us may have imagined having jobs that are not bound, jobs that can make us surround interesting places, be able to walk, socialize with people, full of challenges and adventures. If you’ve ever dreamed of that, your shadow will surely come to reporters, reporters, or tour guides. All work requires skills and basic capital. In this article, I will explain to you about the basic capital to become a tour guide.

To become a professional travel guide, it takes a lot of basic capital. What is meant by capital here is not just funds. But all the potential that should be owned by a tour guide. Next is the basic capital that must be owned and developed to become a professional tour guide.

  1. Health and physical fitness

The tour guide’s work requires long working hours and strong stamina, because the guides will often do presentations, walk to the temple complex, and make long trips by vehicle. Therefore, the thing that must be considered to maintain health is to maintain a diet, exercise, and seek healthy entertainment to refresh the mind.


  1. Positive mental attitude

What is meant by positive mental attitude includes; always optimistic, resilient, never give up, open, accommodating, happy to get along, and try to provide the best service. It cannot be denied that a positive mental attitude is strongly influenced by one’s environment to grow. Whether it’s from family or society. But that does not rule out the possibility that positive mental attitudes can be cultivated in everyone.

The first way is to insist on doing personal development. Then you can determine what steps can be taken to achieve that intention and purpose. You need to read psychology books that add to self-development tips. Don’t forget to make notes to evaluate and make the next plan.

The job of being a tour guide requires great patience. Leading a group of foreigners with different cultures is not easy. So from that it needs a positive mentality as mentioned above so that you are not depressed and stressed out quickly with this work.

Besides that mental attitude will not only be useful if you pursue this job. Almost every profession, even in community life, always needs positive attitudes so that you can enjoy and be grateful for life.


  1. Interest in foreign languages

In guiding foreign tourists, it has become an absolute requirement for a tour guide to master the international language. In learning a foreign language, those who have an interest and talent for foreign languages ‚Äč‚Äčlearned will have high enthusiasm so that they enjoy learning.

With high interest and enthusiasm, we can be sure they can master the language in a relatively short time. The more often a person interacts with strangers, automatically it can increase their ability to speak using that language.

It will be of more value if you have experience living in an assing country, especially the country of origin of tourists. In addition, someone who wants to be a tour guide must also learn their customs, ways of thinking, lifestyle and culture. This recognition and mastery makes you not feel completely alien to them and will really help you to get along and connect with them.